It's time to step into your story as a thought leader by launching your vodcast.

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Who is This For?

Before I tell you how stepping into your story as a thought leader will elevate you from the pack, let’s talk about who this program is really for…

You Are A Leader.

It’s Time For The World To See You.

You have invested your time and talent into becoming great at your work. You have the desire, drive, passion, and experience to back it up.

You need a vehicle that shares that experience and exposes your brand to the world. A video podcast is the perfect solution.

...and you don't have time to mess about. You are busy getting $%@! done.

Maybe You're...

An Action Taker: You don't want to waste time spinning your wheels figuring out the tech independently and struggling to learn how to be "good" on-camera. You want the support and guidance of a professional production company that will teach you exactly how to take your on-camera brand, storytelling, and video podcast content to the next level.

A New Executive: You want to establish your brand and work with a coach with deep marketing and brand experience who has done the same for some of the largest brands in the world.

An Established Executive: You want to establish a unique personal brand channel and content that makes it easy for viewers and listeners to see why they need to book keynotes and industry speaking engagements with you.

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What will you get when you enroll?

All the gear you need shipped right to your door

One-on-one gear setup session

Once you receive your On-Camera Gear, a Storied Coaching Team Member will schedule a virtual session with you to get everything set up and adjusted to your personal coaching space. We will help you create an on-camera coaching environment that plays to your strengths and is as unique as you are.

We assist you with:

  • Camera framing
  • Microphone set-up
  • Lighting adjustments
  • Background curation

Coaching & Training

Virtual sessions with me and the Storied Coaching Team that include:

  • Storytelling: Writing your core stories 
  • Finding your personal style
  • How to perform to the camera confidently
  • video content episode idea generation
  • Easy 10-min scripting technique
  • Step-by-step recording workflow
  • Step-by-step editing workflow
  • Easy content distribution frameworks utilizing AI

Launch Package

Our production team will help you produce and launch the first 3 episodes of your video podcast or your 3 core branding story videos. Branding, reusable social templates, uploading and publishing to your podcast platform or youtube, WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU.

Launch Package Includes:

  • Branding
  • Pre-and post-production
  • Social publishing framework & automation

Become a Storied Coaching Alumni Member

Your investment includes a lifetime membership to the Storied Coaching Community site. You will be supported by a growing community of high-performers growing their skills and businesses just like you. Here you will have premier access to live ongoing coaching and a growing archive of content to help you build your business, close more sales, and perfect your on-camera presenting and content creation expertise.

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Stepping into this new version of yourself will teach you how to…

  • Show up confidently on camera when you are presenting live or creating video content.
  • Create your own high-quality Videos or Podcast that you will use to create all of your long-form and micro-content for distribution across all of your social media channels.
  • Take planned, consistent action in creating and distributing content that establishes your brand.
  • Use a simple, repeatable system you can immediately implement and execute solo that will grow with you until you are ready to outsource to a professional team.
  • Save time, money, and stress so you get done in a few hours each week, which takes others days or weeks to accomplish.
  • Take advantage of meeting and working with fellow high performers focused on taking action, and making a difference for their audience.
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What our clients have to say about the program

When you sign up, we will immediately ship your On-Camera Kit that includes your HD Camera, Lighting, and Sound Equipment. We'll contact you to schedule your 1:1 with a member of our production team to evaluate your current environment and talk through your goals. You’ll also get immediate access to our online training portal.

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