Storied Demos & On Camera Presentations for Teams

If your team is working in a hybrid environment, mastering the art of storytelling on camera is a must. 

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Way more fun than any other training. 



Kathryn A.

"This was the best training I’ve ever taken! The coaches were phenomenal in creating a safe, judgment-free zone and I really loved how thoughtful the lessons were mapped out."

Sarah F.

"Absolutely one of the most effective presentation trainings I have experienced. The structure itself is excellent and easy to take in without feeling overwhelmed. The techniques shared are easy to practice and adapt, while making a huge impact."

You already know that these things are non-negotiable for your business to thrive in a hybrid environment

You need to close more deals with fewer demos.


You need to look better than the competition.


You need to offer a high level of service to your customers.


So how can you be even more impressive to your customers and close more deals while working remotely?


You need to tell better stories and look better doing it on video. Period.

However, it’s important to remember that looking your best on video and giving presentations that win business are learned skills. 


This isn’t something that’s supposed to just come intuitively to you or your team. There is no shame in not knowing how to present a compelling customer story to the remote on-camera presentation and demo environment. Don't worry, we can help you.


We have exactly what you need

Team Training

Here's how we are helping Microsoft 


The hard truth is, what was working before is not working now.


You might be seeing colleagues who you were outpacing in the office six months ago start to pull ahead of you. 

Why are they able to look better on camera? You might start questioning your gear—do you need a new camera and better lighting? 

What equipment should you pick, and how much should you spend? It feels OVERWHELMING… there are so many options available. 

We have thought of everything for you. Camera, lighting, microphone—we ship the perfect curated gear package directly to your front door. Then we show you EXACTLY how to set it up and use it.

And why do some of your colleagues seem to be more convincing when presenting remotely, when you know you’re a much better presenter in person? 

You may have even thought that maybe you just weren't as talented as others when presenting remotely. Well, guess what? You couldn't be more wrong. The Storied Teams Story Selling methodology is a step-by-step set of skills that ANYONE can master. It has nothing to do with talent. All you have to do is follow our recipe, and you will be successful.

If you’re the manager of a team,


you might have sent out links to video 101 tutorials to your team, hoping to get them more comfortable with presenting on Zoom, Web-Ex, or Teams. (Some of your team members may have even watched the tutorials!) 

You may have tried to up your team’s game by upgrading your team’s headsets and webcams. (And you probably second-guessed whether or not you ordered the best ones after they arrived.) 

Or maybe you’re seeing one-off, scatter-shot successes from some of your team members, while other team members that were once your A players are struggling.

What you need is to provide your entire team with training that creates a standard bar of storytelling skills and on-camera engagement excellence using repeatable tactics and techniques that allow them to create consistent wins.

We ship cameras, lighting, and microphones directly to each member of your team and then show them how to set everything up. Then we provide live coaching to make sure your team is successful. We schedule and ship everything for you. It couldn’t be easier.

However, looking and feeling good is only part of the equation. Our Story Selling Training then takes your team through a step-by-step set of skills that ANYONE can master. We teach even the most hesitant highly technical teams how to tell repeatable stories that make their lives easier and able to handle more demos and presentations, making them more effective in the process. 

We have successfully trained teams large and small, and will help you to create and execute a roll-out that gives you ease and your team a fantastic experience.

OMH Creative & Storied Coaching have been serving enterprise software companies and their partners for over 15 years.


Our specialty is video production, so when we say we know how to help your team tell a compelling customer story and make them look great on-camera, we mean it. We have distilled our insider knowledge into training that gives our clients an unfair advantage when presenting and demoing remotely on-camera, whether presenting to a prospect 1:1, to a large group, or in a make or break investor pitch. Once your team has been trained in our methodology, your competition is going to look woefully inadequate. 

As a Microsoft Preferred Vendor and Certified SAP Marketing Agency, we have been trusted to teach these same tactics and techniques to some of the finest Sales and Marketing teams on the planet, so they can close more deals, and help more customers faster. 

Your Storied Teams trainings are conducted by talented Coaches and Facilitators who have years of experience Producing, Directing, leading Sales & PreSales teams, and creating engaging customer experiences.

Imagine, your entire team feeling confident on-camera and knowing exactly how to sell with stories in a matter of days

Easy as 1,2,3.

1. We ship custom On-Camera Kits directly to each member of your team

2. We email invites to your on-demand video training and your live coaching sessions

3. You pour yourself your favorite beverage, show up ready to work, and we take care of the rest!

Curated On Camera Kits Sent to Your Door

No guessing on what tech to use, how to set it up, or the best way to use it. We mail a curated on camera kit directly to each member of your team. They will look and sound fantastic when representing your brand and talking with your customers. 


Then, we show you & your team exactly how to

Look your very best on camera in front of your customers so you can present with confidence

No more wondering how to do it right. Learn from a professional video marketing agency exactly what you need to do to look and feel amazing.

Connect with your customers through expert-level storytelling techniques to hit your selling goals

Learn how to create repeatable stories that stick in your audiences brain and get them to take action.

Confidently establish a sustainable level of excellence in your organization

We train elite teams that are members of some of the biggest names in Enterprise technology. Whether you are a team of 1 or 1000, we have the experience and platform to support your success.

Your training includes 9 step-by-step lessons, exercises, cheat sheets, and live coaching to ensure your success

Part I: On Camera Confidence

  • Lesson 1: Camera Engagement 

  • Lesson 2: Basic Lighting

  • Lesson 3: Background Curation

Learn exactly how professional production teams make actors look amazing on-camera. Cheat sheets and curated gear guides make it step-by-step and easy to do, even if you have never been on-camera before. You are going to look so good.

Part II: Storytelling Structure

  • Lesson 4: Audience Brain Principles

  • Lesson 5: Story Principles

  • Lesson 6: The T3 Storytelling Technique

  • Lesson 7: Episodic Story Structure

Rubber, meet road. In Audience Brain Principles, you will learn how and why your audience reacts the way they do, so your message is sticky and memorable.

Story Principles will pull back the curtain on how professional marketing agencies tell compelling stories that audiences find irresistible, so you can do it too.

The T3 Storytelling Technique will give you a powerful, easy to follow recipe for telling quick, emotionally resonant stories.

Episodic Story Structure brings all of the pieces together in an easy to follow, step-by-step, repeatable template that will save you time and effort building your presentations and demos.

Part III: Fielding Questions and Objection Handling: The LVER Technique

Do you dread handling questions or objections from customers while in the middle of a presentation or demo? Once you learn the LVER technique, you might just look forward to them.

Part IV: Creating a Remote Meeting Experience that Your Audience Will Love

From the invitation to when your audience clicks the 'end meeting' button, you will learn to create an experience that your audience will love, and that makes you feel comfortable and in control.

1:1 and Small Group Virtual Coaching

After completing the online video training modules and supporting exercises to build your first presentation or demo, each student will receive two live 1:1 or small group virtual coaching sessions with an OMH Creative Storied Teams Coach. 

 The OMH Coach will lead you or the group through the delivery of your presentation or demo, where you will receive master level feedback and coaching. You will leave your second session feeling confident in your new skill set and on-camera presentation environment. 

Upon successful completion of the second session, each student who has demonstrated a high bar of competence in Storytelling and On-Camera work will receive official certification through Accredible from OMH Creative.

"Absolutely one of the most effective presentation trainings I have experienced. The structure itself is excellent and easy to take in without feeling overwhelmed. The techniques shared are easy to practice and adapt, while making a huge impact."

- Sarah F, Microsoft. 

"I went from being totally completely intimidated by the tech, to now I’ve got this great little studio going with web cameras, and light rings and all this stuff that I thought I could never manage on my own. Now, it’s just not a big deal. I just come in, I know exactly where everything is, or what I want to do, and I feel super confident about it. I mean, it’s amazing how crazy it is in just a few weeks, how much I’ve grown."

-Amy E. 

"I was really nervous about being on camera. I had generally been a private person, in my life. I knew that I would need to be able to get my message out to my potential clients, in a more effective way. There was ease, I got real results in this process, in a short period of time… it’s been so valuable to my business." 

-Ashwini N.

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